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oodles of talent

Posted by Jonathan Chant on 4:44, December 20, 2007

It’s past 4 in the morning right now and I’m not remotely tired at all. Gotta love how exams screw up your sleeping schedule. So, what should I do when I can’t fall asleep? Write on my blog of course!

If you read my last post, I left a quote hinting at what my this post would be about. Johnson was able to guess correctly (and amazingly quick too: he commented on my facebook note a mere 36 minutes after it had been imported from here. and just to be sure I saw his answer, he again posted a comment on my original post…oh Johnson, so keen). So, what’s this post about? Wong Fu Productions! bonus points to Johnson, just as I promised! :)

If you know who and what Wong Fu Productions is, then you already know what I mean by “oodles of talent”. If not, allow me the privilege of being the first to introduce to them to you.

Wes, Ted, & PhilWong Fu is made up of 3 guys from Cali, (Phil, Wes, & Ted) who went to school together at UCSD and now live together post-uni, and create some of the best videos I’ve ever seen. They started out creating these lip-sync music videos and soon expanded into creating shorts and even created a full-length feature film, all while finishing their post-secondary education. They’ve become a huge hit on the ‘net, with fans from all over the world (myself included) and are continuing with their media-making endeavours as their career now.

What makes their videos so good? Well, there are their comedic ones (like Yellow Fever) which just make you crack up like nothing else without being obscene or dirty. And then there are their more “serious” videos. These are the ones that fuelled my obsession for their work. Many of their videos are based on relationships, not just the romantic kind, but friendships as well. These are done so well, they’re just so real, something that most people can relate to, and something I definitely can relate to. My personal favourites are Just a Nice Guy and You’ve got a Friend. If you’ve got a half hour to spare, I definitely recommend you check these two series of videos out. Well worth your time. If you don’t have much time, check out this music video:

Now, if writing, directing, producing, editing, and whatever else goes into making these videos wasn’t more than enough evidence to show you what creativity and talent these guys have (and it is), they’ve got more up their arsenal. They’re also amazing photographers, animators, dancers, and composers. Not all 3 of them do all these things, but each of them do a few and do it very well. Talk about creative talent. Check out all of their stuff at and you can see why I’ve got a bit of man-crush on these guys. :)

PS to all of you who wished me a happy birthday yesterday whether in person, facebook or text message: THANK YOU! I’ll never cease to be amazed with how many great people I know. Thanks and if I don’t see/talk to you in the next week or so, have a very Merry Christmas and a super awesome Happy New Year!


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