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something more…

Posted by Jonathan Chant on 22:25, December 13, 2007

It’s been a really long time since I’ve even touched this blog. Surprisingly, people have still come and visited over the last 7 months, even though there has been nothing new to read. Well, now you have something new to read!

So, two things: my online presence is back, and there’ll be some minor changes. This blog will be a little less random. No more “Today I…” or “I did this today…”. Each entry will have some substance, even if it’s not huge. It’s not that my blog’s been totally random, I think I’ve contributed a few worthwhile reads, but some entries have been pretty useless. So, no more of those. Plus, no more of “it’s been a while…” (this entry will be the last time I ever say anything remotely like that, I promise).

Why this change? Well, I guess it comes down to the title of my blog: “none live for themselves” This isn’t a blog to just serve myself and act as a record of my doings, but hopefully it somehow benefits you, the reader, in some small way. Whether you laugh or smile because of something written here or you think longer about a certain subject or (by some small chance) you learn something new, I hope these pages of my ramblings in cyberspace won’t just be another way for you to waste your time, but it actually adds a bit of substance to your life, no matter how tiny.

So stay tuned for something more…


preview to my next entry:

“If at the end of the day, there’s someone out there who
has a better day because of us…
then we’ve succeeded.”

bonus points to those who can guess what it’s about!


One Response to “something more…”

  1. Johnson said

    WONG FU!

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