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I love my roots!

Posted by Jonathan Chant on 22:45, April 16, 2006

If you haven't heard yet, Leamington is officially (according to money sense magazine) the best place to live in Canada!!! That's right, little ol' tomato town is where people should live! Booyah! Take that TO! heh heh, well, not really, I don't have anything against Toronto, ('cept maybe the Leafs…) but it's pretty cool that my hometown is held in such high regard. Now whenever people ask me where I'm from, instead of saying, "Leamington, a small town by Windsor," I can now say, "Leamington, the best place to live in Canada!" I likes the sound of that.

Another thing 'bout my roots, you all know Cindy Klassen right? Canada's most decorated Olympian ever? Well, she's from a Mennonite Brethern background, just like me! woohoo! What brought up this roots pride in me? Well, when I was back home for Easter this weekend, there was an old Macleans magazine from March sitting in my room and I read an article about her and her success at the Torino games. Nothing out of the ordinary in the article except that they actually mentioned (and quoted) how she was raised up in an MB church & high school and how she said her faith is the main reason for everything she does. Thought that was pretty cool seeing as most mainstream media wouldn't bother to mention those quotes because it doesn't really tell an interesting enough story (to them). I don't remember reading, hearing, or seeing any news coverage about her faith during the Olympics, only stuff about the expectations and her success. So, great job Macleans and great job Cindy!

Just want to end off with a sweet comic I read yesterday. The reason for the season:

BC - Easter 2006


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