none live for themselves

a glimpse into the mind a lazy dreamer


This page will just be a list of lessons I have learned from various experiences. Some will be serious, some will be random, some will be just plain silly.

  • when debating whether or not to bring/pack something, pack it! 99% of the time that I’ve left something behind because I didn’t think I would use it, I’ve wished I didn’t leave it behind.
  • on a more serious note, the above applies to any decision: take a chance and do it! you’re more likely to regret not doing something than regret doing it. my only regrets are things I didn’t do.
  • 2-ply toilet paper feels like silk (mmm…so soft) after 8 months of living in a dorm with 1-ply
  • in life, it’s all about balance. balance between work & play, exercise & rest, meat & vegetables (though I’m sure some will disagree), being prepared & going with the flow, etc.
  • never tell a girl she looks really tired. apparently that implies that you’re saying she’s ugly. (I thought you could be tired & pretty at the same time…)
  • Japanese take-out bento lunches are not meant to be eaten on the subway
  • when you make a commitment to God, He makes sure you stick to it.
  • becoming a vegetarian makes you hungry more often
  • during exam periods, names of days lose their meaning. there’s no more Mondays, Tuesdays, etc. just days until the next exam or days until that glorious last exam.
  • you’re more likely to gain weight during exam periods because all you do is eat, study, eat, procrastinate, eat, and sleep
  • get someone else to rub sunscreen on your back, if you try to do it yourself, you’re bound to get a sun burn
  • no matter how hard you try, your actions/inactions will affect somebody else. always keep that in mind.
  • sometimes, no matter how much you care for somebody or want to help, there’s nothing you can do to completely take away the pain

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