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speed of light?

Posted by Jonathan Chant on 21:29, October 15, 2008

How does news travel so fast? I know we’re well into the information age and with all sorts of communication technology, information can travel at the blink of an eye. But it still astounds me how fast some news travels, especially things that involve myself.

For example, just tonight at worship practice, one of the vocalists, Beth, mentioned how she heard that I have an interview next week and that she’d pray for me. Sweet! But I was once again surprised, because I had only gotten the call about the interview earlier that day and only 3 other people knew about, or so I thought. Apparently my mom had talked to her between me telling my mom and me seeing her at practice.

And just last week, same thing. This time, when I was volunteering at school, the secretary inquired about an upcoming opportunity for me. She was of course referring to an interview I had later on that week, but again, I had only found out the day before and had only mentioned it to 3 other people at that point. Still haven’t figured out how she found out so fast.

So news does travel at the speed of light I guess, even when you don’t expect it.

“Hey, I’m not even sure there’s such a thing as the Internet. It might just be Jeannie telling everyone stuff.”
~ Matt from the TV Show, Studio 60 ~


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