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i want your money!

Posted by Jonathan Chant on 23:26, May 20, 2007

Before getting into the main part of this post, two quick things:

  • just got to Vancouver today for a week long vaca here with the family and family friends and will be going on a week long Alaskan cruise on Saturday. Had japanese food for supper and wow! The sushi and sashimi here is soooooooo much better than the stuff in T dot. Yum!
  • overheard this from 2 girls sitting at a table next to mine last night at Pho Hung (a Vietemese restaurant): “I’ve never seen a Chinese restaurant so full before! Except for Mandarin!” :) oh cultural ignorance…


Relay for LifeAnyways, onto the main part of this post: your money! That’s right, as the subject explicity implies, I want it! But not for myself! Cause that would be pretty selfish and greedy of me! I want it for the Canadian Cancer Society! I, along with 10 others, will be participating in the annual Relay for Life at Forest Hill Memorial Park on June 22nd. We’ll basically be staying up all night, taking turns walking around a track for 12 hours to support those who have cancer, remember those who have died from, and rais money for the Canadian Cancer Society.

So please support me and pledge some money! Any amount will do and you can even do it online here! So even if you live half way around the world, there’s no excuse for not pledging! HopeI’ve set a goal of $1500 and I know that with your help, I can meet and exceed that! (in span of a week, 4 of us raised over $600 through cuts for cancer, so $1500 in a month should be nothing!)

And to sweeten the deal, here’s what I’ll do: if I receive at least $1500 in pledges, I’ll wax my legs at the relay for life. I’m also open to suggestions if you have some other crazy thing you’d like to see me do. Of course, if I agree to a suggestion, I may increase the minimum pledge total depending on the degree of crazyness of the suggestion. :)

You can also help me try to win $7,000 for the Canadian Cancer Society from 102.1 The Edge by joining my facebook group here!


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