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a tribute

Posted by Jonathan Chant on 20:54, May 23, 2007

This is a tribute to somebody I barely knew for an hour today. He was full of life and seemed to have fun no matter what. He seemed like a great friend to those close to him and very friendly. Unfortunately, he was struck and killed by a car this afternoon.

His name was “Joff” I believe and he was a very playful dog. He belonged to the lady that rented out our canoes this afternoon at Green Lake and it was so much fun playing fetch with him before heading out on our canoes. Even after we went out on the lake and river, he followed us along the banks and even got in the water a few times to chase some ducks. It was so fun watching him. Unfortunately, as we passed under a bridge on the river, he ran out onto the highway and was struck by a car.

So this is for you Joff. I’m sure you brought lots of joy to everyone like you did to me today. Though you will probably never read this, my deepest condolances to you, his owner.



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