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lazy afternoon

Posted by Jonathan Chant on 15:37, May 4, 2007

Picture this: clear blue sky, bright inviting sun, warm soft sand, scrumptious sushi, hardly a soul around, cool ice cream and nothing to do but relax. That’s what my afternoon was like.

Enjoying what will be my last completely free weekday for the summer, Tianne & I went to the beach just to soak in the sun and veg out. We got some take out sushi, ate at the beach, then just relaxed in the nice warm sand. The lake was so calm & blue and the sky was so clear that if it weren’t for the shoreline across the lake, you wouldn’t have been able to tell where the lake ended and the sky started. :) Nothing beats a nice nap on the beach under the sun either. There was maybe 50 other people at the beach, so there was plenty of room on the beach and it was really quiet and relaxing. And to top it off, the ice cream man was there. Good, creamy, cool goodness.

Ahhhhh….what a great way to start off the summer!

(wish I had pics of how nice it was to share with you, but alas, I did not bring my camera)


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