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Posted by Jonathan Chant on 23:58, January 7, 2007

As you may have noticed, I’ve changed the look of my blog recently. This was more for practical reasons than aesthetics. I loved the old theme, but the blog column was too narrow, I couldn’t put pictures in the middle of text effectively, so I changed it to this one. Hope ya like it.

Just got back into TO from Leamington this evening. Nothing too eventful, same train ride as always. Last night was good though: attended Steve’s & Vicki’s after wedding celebration last night. Good times. :) Really cool to see them last night. Can’t believe Steve’s all grown up and married now. But yeah, it’s really cool to see how they’ve been brought together. Even though I don’t know them as well as I did when I was in high school, you could just sense that they were made for each other. Saw a slides how of their wedding in Mexico. Absolutely gorgeous.

Though I doubt you’ll read this: Steve, Vicki, congratulations! May God bless your marriage and your life together as husband and wife!


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