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urbana 06: day 4

Posted by Jonathan Chant on 1:08, December 31, 2006

How I’m still functioning and not passed out on the floor, sick as a dog (quite a peculiar expresssion by the way) is only by God’s grace. It’s been so draining physically these past 4 days, but I’m still going. Looking forward to the last day tomorrow. It’s going to be great.

We fasted from lunch today. Just as a way to experience a little of what so many people go through across the globe and as a way to glorify our God. Probably wasn’t best idea for me to do since I was walking around all afternoon again, my supervisor even recommended that we didn’t fast. But I still did and God brought me through it.

hmm…don’t have much to say today, just wanted type a few things before going to sleep. I’ll make sure to do a more comprehensive Urbana wrap-up post when I get back home. As always, amazed with God’s presence here.



Forgot to mention one thing. Rick Warren spoke that night and ended off with a great challenge: Whatever, Wherever, Whenever. We’ll do whatever, go wherever, at anytime God calls us.

whatever, whenever


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