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urbana 06: day 1

Posted by Jonathan Chant on 2:09, December 28, 2006

I love this free wireless. I never thought I’d still be connected to the net here at Urbana. These couches in lobby are pretty comfortable too. Too bad I can’t sleep here.

So it’s been a day and a half since I registered for Urbana and so much has happened. Tried a bison meat burger, registered for Urbana, saw the huge arch (which is absolutely beautiful, quite the engineering feat), had a delicious chicken dinner courtesy of Urbana, had my orientation, got a few hours of sleep, helped make sure the exhibit set-up went well today, got to use a cool head-set and walkie-talkie set, met some Toronto friends, worshiped and praised the Lord with 22,000 other people, and I’ve met so many people from all over the States & Canada with so many cool stories.

For example, at the dinner last night, I sat at a table with this guy name Denny. He’s a IVCF staff worker and this is his 15th Urbana!!! How crazy is that? He first started to go to Urbana in the 70’s, back when John Stott lead many of the Bible teachings. How cool is that? To learn about God’s word directly from John Stott? Also met this security guard, Jason, today who’s in school right now to hopefully become a physician’s assistant. He shared his testimony with me about how he committed his life to God when he was 13, fell away during his teenage years, and came back to God in the last few years. He’s determined to live his life for His glory, even though he knows how tough it’s going to be. Very cool.

So many stories. So many connections. Even though I won’t see most of these people ever again, it’s so cool to be able to connect with them, even for a few minutes. This is going to be an awesome week.


2 Responses to “urbana 06: day 1”

  1. carny said

    ooh ooh ooh keep posting, jon! wish i was there too! prayin fer ya.

  2. […] have already blogged about Urbana, including a few friends here, here, and here. There have been many different opinions about how Urbana went, some feeling it was […]

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