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’twas the before christmas

Posted by Jonathan Chant on 22:59, December 24, 2006

It’s Christmas eve. And what am I doing? Sitting in the basement, watching episodes of the West Wing. How so very Christmasy.

For some reason, this year, it just doesn’t feel like Christmas to me. Normally, I love this time of year and it’s awesome to celebrate. But this year, it feels like any other day of the year, except that I’m actually at home, in Leamington now. Maybe it’s because I’ve got a lot of things on my mind right now, like school and Urbana, or maybe because it was raining yesterday when it should have been snowing. But whatever it is, it’s kind of weird, not being in the Christmas mood mere hours away from the big day.

I’m just trying to remind myself, that this is a special time of the year. Not just because I’m home with family. Not just because I can catch up with friends. But because of Jesus. He may not have been born on December 25th. He may not have been born in the year 0 BC (he’s actually estimated to be born 6 years before Christ, ironic, yes). He may not have even been born in the winter. But he was born some 2000 years ago: the greatest gift to mankind, the hope of the world, the lover of you and me, was born. And that’s reason enough to celebrate.

Happy Birthday Jesus!


One Response to “’twas the before christmas”

  1. sixsteps said

    With the warm weather & El Nino season… for most ppl in the North Hemisphere it is indeed a un-Christmasy Christmas.

    Oh well!

    Hope you have a very missional Christmas & a holistic New Year ;-)

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