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unconditional love

Posted by Jonathan Chant on 3:08, November 20, 2006

The other day, I was just standing there, at the Cecil & Spadina streetcar stop, listening to my iPod, when this guy comes up to me and says, “You’re not dressed for the grey cup!” So I take off one earbud and respond, “No, not much of a football fan.” And so starts one of the most random but most interesting conversations.

We get talking about all sorts of things, or rather, he gets talking about a lot of things. I don’t remember saying much myself but listening more, which I was more than happy to do. He tells me about his two kids, a son and daughter. How his son’s into football and his daughter’s (who he says, of course, is beautiful) into rugby. He tells me about how he recently went to the African Lion Safari with them and had so much fun, even more than his kids did. I find out he’s a mathematician from Queen’s but will be working in South Africa soon for a few months. But the thing I’ll remember from this conversation, is how there’s no other feeling like that of unconditional love for his kids. To see his face light up, to see that great smile eminating from his mouth, that twinkle in his eye, when he tells me about how great it is to be a parent and to have the no-holds-bar kind of love for his kids.

Wow. I hope I’ll get that opportunity one day to show that joy of the love I have for my kids.



One Response to “unconditional love”

  1. wow, how strange and cool and surreal and amazing! being a dad is pretty cool… but don’t forget the other half of the story, which is that they can drive you completely insane!! :)

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