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white and nerdy

Posted by Jonathan Chant on 16:57, November 14, 2006

Whoever did this, they’re my hero. Who tags a wall with “pi”? hahaha! It’s just so white and nerdy, like me, except that I’m not white, um, but yeah…jokes.



2 Responses to “white and nerdy”

  1. Peggy said


    I love it. But I’m an engineer and that’s expected of me. pi has always been a number close to my heart ;)

  2. geeeeeeeee said

    oh peggy :)
    boys *are* stupid. . .haha. . .
    and jon chan and niki think you’re stupid for saying boys are stupid

    i appreciate how you alluded to me and tianne with “boys are jerks” . .and, also to my shirt that says, “boys are stupid, throw rocks at them” . ..oh, har har har.

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