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boys are stupid?

Posted by Jonathan Chant on 1:19, November 14, 2006

Why do guys do such stupid things? I mean, seriously…what’s wrong with us? *sigh* I guess this is going to be my little rant about guys (much like the one I had about girls a couple months ago). It’s just within the past 6 hours, I’ve just heard about so many messed up things some guys have done. I’ve always disliked those “boys are stupid” or “throw rocks at boys” t-shirts and I try to stand up for our gender anytime a girl says something like, “all guys are jerks” because not all of us are, but after tonight, it seems those t-shirts seem to speak a little truth. Come on guys, man up!

On a happier note, a friend sent me a link to this video yesterday. If you’re having a bad day, I guarantee this will bring a smile (and maybe even a tear) to you face.


One Response to “boys are stupid?”

  1. NtLeTg said

    This video was amazing (and a tear jerker!). Keep up the hard work and finish strong.


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