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last beautiful autumn day?

Posted by Jonathan Chant on 2:28, October 16, 2006

It’s 2am, and I’m still up…why? I don’t know, I never seem to go to bed before 1 these days.

Interesting weekend. Thanksgiving dinner at CCF on Friday. Great times. Good food + food for the soul. Very unproductive Saturday. Went out for lunch with the parents and my grandma before she heads back to HK. Very yummy dim sum. Weird one minute hail downpoar during the lunch. Small group that night. Awesome night of sharing. So blessed to have this group to be supported and encouraged by. Beautiful Sunday. Especially after teh cold snap we had last week. Good hot chocolate from a new place across from the AGO. Very friendly owner, Renee. He even gave us a free tart each! Definitely going back. Delicious experimental supper with Giz: eggplant & chicken. First time for both of us with cooking eggplant, but came out pretty good. Worth repeating for sure. Ended off with school work with Nicola at Bahen…fun times…psyche! (90’s kid anyone?)

Been really struggling with my laziness lately. It hasn’t been just not doing what I need to do (namely school), but just not caring either. Been sharing (or I guess complaining) with lots of people. Sorry if I talked to you about this and sounded very self-absorbed. Thank you for the patience to listen and thank you to those who have prayed for me. This weekend, started to turn around a little. On Friday, talking with Andrea, hearing how she’s handling her busyness at work, having the right attitude: it’s all for the glory of God. Something I desperately needed reminding of. Wish I could say I started working hard after that, but as I said before, very unproductive Saturday. Got back into school mode a bit today. A good start, but not a great one. Hoping I can build on this for the rest the year. All for you Lord, for your glory.


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