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long weekends and patio nights

Posted by Jonathan Chant on 23:47, August 10, 2006

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything, so here’s a little update. Went home last weekend for the long weekend. Lots of fun and rest. Good home cooking. Saw Talladega nights with Jeff & Peters. Good times. “Watch your mouth, you little pot-licker, or I’ll throw you in a microwave!” :) Ran into Phil at the train station and rode back with him and Steve to T dot. We actually got into a serious conversation about the Harry Potter books and whether or not Snape is evil and if Dumbledore is dead or not. Kind of funny now that I think about it, never thought I’d have such a serious conversation about a kids book.

Back at work on Tuesday. Almost done, couple more weeks. Pretty uneventful since Tuesday except for last night. Went out to eat with Niki, Gizelle, Jon Shui & Andrea after worship practice at Thai Paradise. Perfect weather for eating on the patio. Great idea Jon! I even got a free meal out of it. All I had to do was eat the remaining hot sauce. mmmm….paid for that today in the washroom…ah well, it was worth it.

Testing out this new browser, Flock. An all in one browser where I’m suppose to be able to blog and post photos right from the browser directly. So far so good.

Gonna sign off with a hilarious article found today: Optimus Prime

EDIT: Forgot to post this, if any of you are interested in seeing more Brazil pics, check out some of the other team members’ pictures here:

Chris: Chris’s Brazil Photos
Kathy: Kathy’s Brazil Photos
Ling: Ling’s Brazil Photos
Luisa: Luisa’s Brazil Photos, Luisa’s Pre-Brazil Photos

These are probably more interesting than mine too since some have captions. I’m always too lazy to put captions in.


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