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boa noite! (good evening!)

Posted by Jonathan Chant on 2:07, July 16, 2006

Day 7 of my trip in Brazil. What to say, it’s been quite the experience so far. Great food: been eating feijão (beans) every day and it has surprisingly been good to my digestive system. Great people: the Brazilians are really friendly and I’m still getting use to greeting/saying goodbye to everyone with hugs & kisses. Great weather: about 20-25 degrees everyday, sunny (only rained one day), not humid, and this is their winter! Most importantly, great experience from the Great One.

I just came back to Sao Jose dos Campos after spending 4 days helping run an English camp with youth from the church here in Sao Jose. It was amazing! Though most of our team from Canada does not speak Portuguese fluently, it wasn’t a barrier throughout the camp. Singing and worshiping with brothers and sisters in Christ in both English & Portuguese was amazing and it reminded me of how we truly are united through Christ, no matter our background.

After this I looked and there before me was a great multitude that no one could count, from every nation, tribe, people and language, standing before the throne and in front of the Lamb. They were wearing white robes and were holding palm branches in their hands. And they cried out in a loud voice:
Salvation belongs to our God,

who sits on the throne,
and to the Lamb.

It was like experiencing a glimpse of this verse from the book of Revelation. Very cool.

Well, this is all I have time for right now, I’ve got to be up in 5 and a half hours, so I’m signing off. Thank you all who have been praying for me. God has definitely been working here in Brazil. Boa noite!

P.S. To those who have sent me an e-mail about anything over the past week, my apologies for not replying. This is my first time with access to the ‘net since coming. I will try to reply to you all when I get back on Wednesday!


One Response to “boa noite! (good evening!)”

  1. sixsteps said

    Wowsers, lucky u… Brazil, the land of football & great coffee! Are you back already? I wanna see pics bro =D

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