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i’m singing in the rain (well, not really, but that’s how I feel!)

Posted by Jonathan Chant on 0:36, June 2, 2006

These past 2 days have been awesome. It all started with Future Blue Day yesterday at IBM. Good times with all the other interns, taking a day off, playing games together, eating BBQ, going on a scavenger, just good times, even if it was raining intermitently. Then came the adventure worship practice downtown. Got picked up by Gizelle in the middle of one of the craziest storms ever. Clears up before we get to the DVP, but then we get soaked by some corvette while we were inside our own car! I mean, who does that happen to?!?! Apparently us. Practice was great, but realizing how we need to recruit some people to fill in the missing spots. Joined CCF for dinner at where else? Kowloon. Topped off the night with super sweet (literally & figuratively) desserts from Future's and then retired in the super hot 3rd floor of 218.

Woke up this morning to a much much cooler day and went to work downtown. Met up with Karen from Ottawa for lunch at Salad King…mmmmm…sooo good. I can't quite handle 5 chillis as well anymore though, seems that I'm losing my spicy tolerance. :( Figured out how to get Karen to her interview (at which she got a  job offer right after the interview, congrats Karen! don't know if you'll see this, but congrats!) and then checked out the new MacBooks at the Apple store in Eaton Centre before heading back to work. Wowsa! They are nice! Oh man, I so want one now…hopefully I'll have enough saved up at the end of summer for it. After work, went back uptown in the mad rush hour subway traffic. Ugh, never carry a full backpack and duffle bag with you while trying to get onto the subway during rush hour, not fun. Kind of re-affirmed my preference not to settle down in a large city. I don't know how people make that trip on the subway twice a day, 5 days a week. Anways, got back uptown, tutored then came back to my aunt's to reply to some overdue e-mails and to type this up.

Phew! It's been busy, but as I said, an awesome 2 days!


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