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missions, markers, & menus

Posted by Jonathan Chant on 18:09, May 7, 2006

Saw MI3 with Gizelle last night. Awesome movie, definitely recommend it to everyone, especially Alias fans. It was like watching a 2 hour long Alias episode. Go Marshal MI3 equivalent! Sooo good, even if Tom Cruise is a little crazy outside his movies.

Had another Brazil missions trip meeting this afternoon. Lots of fun! We put the camp schedule on 4 large pieces of paper with colourful magic markers! It was like we were in primary school again doing art class! Turned out really well and it was awesome smelling those smelly markers again, brings back memories of younger days, mmmm…mango marker (turquoise = mango??? go figure).

Ginormous lunch crew after church today, there was like 16 of us crowded around a table at House of Gourmet. But it was awesome, hadn't been out for lunch with these guys forever. Carny was there too! First time seeing her since she came back to the GTA. It was also the last time I'll see Nicole till next school year, she's going back to Singapore tomorrow morning. Have a good flight & sweet summer Nicole, I'll miss ya! 


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