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it’s a beautiful day! *insert guitar riffs here*

Posted by Jonathan Chant on 0:25, May 4, 2006

What a beautiful day it was today! Too bad most of it was spent working inside. :( But I there is some good news and bad news. First the bad news: Montreal was eliminated last night and I can't pre-order the Starfield CD cause you have to have an US address. Boo-urns! Good news: I'll save $10-$11 on the new Starfield album when it comes out on iTunes and I had a spifferriffic time enjoying the company of most of next year's CCF committee (we missed ya Grace & Lemuel!) in Korea town tonight (or I guess technically last night). Yummy Korean food, adventures in a Korean supermarket, topped off with sweet, sweet cake and good discussions for dessert! Tianne, Gizelle, Yuan, & Mike, thanks for the good times and I can't wait to see what this next year has in store for us!

Also, posted up another new section: lessons. This is where I'll be just posting the things life has taught me. I have a feeling most of them will be either random things or silly things, probably not too many serious lessions, but some.

New intern will be coming to work next week! Woohoo! Get to work with another student for the next 4 months. Can't wait! This should be an awesome summer!


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